Oracle APEX ~ Under the Covers

In working with Oracle Application Express I have found the best way to learn “how they did that” is to look “under the covers” at the APEX code … The way to do that is to download an application, install it in my builder, and view how the author implemented the features of interest.

The white paper and presentation APEX Under the Covers walks the reader / viewer through the learning process of looking under the covers at some not-so-standard features implemented in APEX. The examples are not rocket science; they are intended only to get the brain thinking along lines where the reader may not yet have ventured, suggesting a few different approaches to achieving an end within APEX.

APEX Under the Covers

Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters ~ Spring Cod, Feinman

The Feinman men put in a commendable day of cod & haddock fishing this Spring.

Cod & Haddock fishing out of Gloucester, MA is excellent in the spring, through May and beyond. The Spring of the year is special because there is less commercial and recreational pressure on the fish … and the days are gorgeous as we all get that Spring Fishing Fever.

Fienman family SPring Cod & Haddock Fishing on Tuna Hunter

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Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters ~ Kite Fishing

Giant Bluefin Tuna 920 lbs

Tuna Hunter tuna charters enjoyed a treat this past season – Kite fishing for bluefin tuna.

We will do more kite fishing for bluefin tuna in the 2008 season, targeting tuna of all sizes.

Fish the Kite ~ It’s a hell of a bite!

We expect the same bluefin tuna year class to be in the Gloucester, MA fishing area again, a whole year bigger and beefier, but still in a great size range for stand-up angling.

Kite Launch for Tuna Fishing by Kite on Tuna Hunter

Once launched, the kite holds baits just at the surface. Makes for an AWESOME hit!

No, that\'s a whale

Once the fish is on, the fight is incredible …

Stand-up Tuna Fishing

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Giant Bluefin aboard Tuna Hunter