Cod & Haddock Charters

In between huge seas and high winds, Tuna Hunter is getting some great spring cod and haddock fishing in.

On one of last week’s trips, Peter Dressel raised a 14-pound HADDOCK. We are used to cod that size, but that haddock was a “Hugie” .

With spring tides the fish have been finicky and sensitive to tide changes. All that menas is changing spots more often to find fish that are feeding to produce full coolers at the end of the day. And sore arms.

We sill have some spring openings – May fishing offers the advantage of fewer bots on the fishing grounds and no commercial pressure – call Tuna Hunter at 978-407-1351 or email

Pavel & Gritsevsky Charter Boats

APEX Cheat Sheet 3

A collection of syntax, how-to and learning tips for using Oracle Application Express. covers the f?p syntax, referencing items and session state, case, email, drag-and-drop, common item, region and page templates, simple layout control, validation, custom look and feel and custom authentication. This paper is intended to shorten the learning cycle for new APEX users and serve as a reminder for more experience APEX users. Have fun!

APEX_Cheat Sheet 3