The Westchester Connection – Awesome Gloucester Cod Fishing

The Westchester Connection aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

What can be better than the summer-in-April weekend … spending that weekend on the water,
Cod & Haddock Fishing, of course.

Friday’s fishing was “ridiculous”, with limits of cod being reached by mid-morning. (current NMFS regulations call for 10 cod per angler; no bag limit on haddock). Anglers were happy to focus on tasty haddock for the remainder of the day.

Gloucester cod fishing charter - Tuna Hunter

The Westchester Connection on a day of Gloucester Cod Fishing - Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

On Saturday, the early morning drift yielded some cod, to get everyone warmed up. The real action started when Captain Gary Cannell chose to anchor over several hot spots. Cod to 20lbs hit Norwegian jigs, aiming for herring, but hitting the hook and landing aboard Tuna Hunter. Haddock – boatloads of haddock – preferred the clams throughout this weekend. Saturday’s haddock bite was steadier and continued later in the day. The Westchester guys were fishing all day long, reeling all day long, which is what we all aim for.

Typical to all trips in the spring, the breezes offshore and 45 degree water keep it much cooler than the 80’s on shore. As the water warms up, expect migrating striped bass and eventually bluefin tuna to move into our area.

There is plenty of life out on both Jeffries Ledge and Stellwagen Bank: sand eels, herring, pods of whales. It all looks promising to attract and hold quality fish throughout our summer season.

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Gloucester Fishing – Cod, Stripers, Tuna and More

Happy Spring to all Tuna Hunter Fishermen!
We hope you all had a good winter.
2008 was a fantastic fishing year, and we are looking forward to more of the same in 2009.
It’s time for Gloucester Cod & Haddock Fishing! Time to get out on the water…
Gloucester cod fishing charter - Tuna Hunter

Gloucester Cod Fishing - Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters
Gloucester cod fishing charter - Tuna Hunter
The early morning drift yielded a fit cod, but not what the captain was

Gloucester Cod Fishing - Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters MA
Boatful of Cod, Haddock, Pollack and Fun!
Last year in June the mackerel moved in thick, leading in the migrating striped bass. Those early-season bass can be huge, and it sure gets one back into the fishing season with a blast. Plan your striped bass fishing charters now for the best dates.

Whale Striped Bass Fishing on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters
Striped Bass Fishing  Gloucester on Tuna Hunter Charters
Re Tuna, we look forward more Kite Fishing for Tuna on that same year-class of bluefin tuna. Just image fighting those same tuna standup, reel screaming, battling that fish – only it’s BIGGER this year! We expect some of those bluefin to be in Giant range this season.
Gloucester Tuna Fishing Charter - Tuna Hunter Fishing MA

Tuna Fishing GLoucester on Tuna Hunter Charters

Call or email to our latest openings – we look forward to seeing everyone again this season – our clients make our season enjoyable!

Good fishing to you!

Captain Gary and Karen Cannell


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at sea fishing this time of year!!

Tuna Hunter Fishing crew hauls 900 pl giant bluefin aboard.

Tuna Hunter Fishing crew hauls 900 pl giant bluefin aboard.