Giant Bluefin Tuna by the Germans (and Polish)

There are plenty of giant bluefin tuna out there on the banks, and this Tuna Hunter Fishing charter was lucky enough to hook into this 400 lb giant on a ’50 – so these got to fight this bluefin standup, using our Smitty and OHO fighting belts.
An awesome fight!

On Tuna Hunter  we are applying many techniques, adapting to the conditions of the day, to ensure we hook into bluefin one way or another.  We use a mix of rod and tackle sizes, we use a mix of techniques and locations throughout the day.  Trolling, jigs. live bait, kite, balloons, whatever it takes to get the bluefin to take the hook, and then get him to the boat.

Tuna Hunter will be running fishing charters out of Gloucester, MA  through October. Give us a call at 978-407-1351 for our latest openings!