Bluefin Tuna Battles Continue – Norris Success

The Gloucester bluefin tuna action continues to be strong out on Stellwegen Bank, as the Norris family can attest.  Greg, Bill and Kyle battled two bluefin to the boat, both just shy of the regulation 73 inches, so they were tagged, revived and released by the Tuna Hunter crew.

Tag and release makes for much less glamorous bluefin tuna photos, but Greg’s skill with the camera gives us this series on tagging and reviving a bluefin tuna.  Let’s hope we see this fish again next year.

                                   Tagging a bluefin – Stick holds Tag to be Inserted

                                         Tag goes in at the base of the dorsal fin

Tag In at Base of Fin

                Once tagged, we “Swim” the fish alongside the boat to revive it  prior to safe release.

Not to be left out, son Alex managed the live bait situation, perhaps the most critical part of the operation.  We look forward to seeing Alex on the rod in a year or so!

Tuna Hunter employs a variety of bait, tackle and fishing techniques to match the conditions of the day, including live bait.  The bluefin fishing is challenging this year, demanding extra effort to get the fish to bite, so you get to fight them.  We always have the full arsenal on board, ready to go. Call us for the latest openings – Friday on the water, battling a bluefin.  Or why not Monday?  That next hook-up could be yours – call 978-407-1351 or email

Love that Gloucester Cod Fishing

Some Tuna Hunter charters are passionate about their cod fishing.

Elaine’s Lovin’ that Gloucester Cod

Hefty cod like these abound on the banks.  This day was an early morning bite, a lull, then steady action for the rest of the day, all mainly on jigs.  The offshore groundfish action is holding strong, amongst jumping tuna for those targeting bluefin.  Inshore, striped bass are here in various sizes, 30 – 40inches common.  Call 978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings. Besides great fishing, its cooler out there on the water!

Nivens Striped Bass Bonanza

The Nivens family displayed excellent angling skills on their two-shift striped bass charter aboard Tuna Hunter.  They chose two shifts, to ensure everyone, all ages, could enjoy some time on the water, and a a chance at high hook.  The morning shift prevailed in sheer numbers of fish, easily reaching their limit of 30-40+ inch stripers. Fish hit steadily on a mix of live bait and artificial. Chumming is difficult due to dogfiish – you will need to adjust tactics to avoid them.

Nivens Family Gloucester Striped Bass
Nivens Family Gloucester Striped Bass

The afternoon shift saw fewer fish, but Scott reeled in the biggest fish of the day, at 43 inches, and we let that one go! All around a perfect day, a great striped bass charter, followed by a great meal of grilled striper and lobsters.

Full or half-day striped bass charters are a great way to get anglers of all ages out for some fishing. Tuna Hunter has morning and evening half-day charters, just call or text us for the latest openings at 978-407-1351, or email  Good fishing to you!

Striped Bass Gloucester on Tuna Hunter

Striped Bass only seemed to arrive late this year; they are here in full swing now. The Rodriquez family spent an afternoon fishing off of Gloucester and put together a mixed catch, including some fine striped bass for the grill.

Gloucester Striped Bass Fishing aboard Tuna Hunter

Striped Bass charters are a great family event, for all ages and all abilities. Stripers respond to herring and live bait, and a variety of lures when conditions warrent.  Call (or text!) for the latest openings, including “half-day” evening charters, at 978-407-1351.  Or email Good fishing to you!