Gloucester Tuna – Luck of the Polish

Call it luck of the Polish – Chris and friends, all from Poland, were lucky again as they landed another giant bluefin on their Sunday bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.  Was it their their patince?  The great Polish snacks throughout the day? Polish chumming? Great teamwork?  All of the above combined ot land this 77 inch giant bluefin.

Sunday marked the end of the 2010 Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, to support Large Pelagic Tag-a-Tiny research program.  While we were battling in this giant, the Tag-a-Tiny wrap-up party was underway at Woodman’s in Essex, MA.  Tuna Hunter will continue tagging all non-retained bluefin to support he future of our fishery.

The bluefin bite is on, whtih larger giants being taken in greater numbers each day. This is the giant rush we have been waiting for – now is the time to be out there.  Call for our latest September and October openings, 978-407-1351.

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Large, Larger, Giant Tuna Fishing Charter – Michelsen Crew Scores

Seth Michelsen and friends have good luck with bluefin tuna, every time they go for them.  On a recent bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter, they succeeded in boating a giant bluefin, plus two smaller bluefin, tagged and released.  That makes for a great day of tuna fishing, plus some tuna steaks for the grill.

The giant was an awesome hit on the kite – what a way to start a good angling battle.  The next fish hit on dead bait, different depths seem to be working, making the hit hard to predict, but worth the captain’s extra efforts.  The final fish was again on the kite. Kite fishing is a standard these days. We have several kites and balloons on board to meet the wind and sea conditions of the day – we have to, to consistently produce fish.

Sore arms for all, but that’s a welcome part of good fishing!

Don’t miss the 2010 Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, running over a full week from August 18 through 29. Book Tuna Hunter for a tournamnet date – Call for your slot, 978-407-1351.

Striped Bass Gloucester for Holden Family

Did we mention striped bass fishing off of Gloucester is going strong this year?  The Holden family has a productive striped bass charter with Tun Hunter last weekend.  It sure is nice to catch fish too big to hold!

Striped bass and bluefish action is prime right now – there are mackerel in the harbor and around the cape, with striped bass, bluefish and even bluefin tuna pushing them.  Can’t miss with that kind of action.  There is a lot of good fishing in a half-day charter, you deserve it!

The Pineapple Gang _ Gloueste Cod Fishing for 7 Years

For the seventh year in a row, the Pineapple Gang’s Gloucester cod fishing charter aboard Tuna Hunter was a big success.

The entire family are great anglers, and certainly know how to have a great time. No messing around here. It was serious fishing: as soon as we reached the fishing grounds, jigs hit the water.  Fish hit jigs more than bait, as has been the usual lately.

This year the team amassed a boatload of fish, cod, haddock and a large cusk.  Yes, cusk are good eating.
We look forward to sharing a day with these guys each year.

While we were cod fishing last weekend, the bluefin tuna action remains strong. Bluefin of varying sizes are all over, being taken by kite, balloons, live and ead bait,  some of jigs even. So be prepared for anything! 

Inshore the striped bass fishing is good, despite the commercial season. Tuna Hunter’s evening bass charters have been particularly successful.  It was great to host the Arasian family again this week – with Dad again taking top fish. Photos coming!

Tuna Hunter has mid-week openings for full charters and singles – give us a call at 978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings.  Check for weekend cancellations – we’ll do our best to fit you in.  Good fishing to you!