Bluefin Tuna Tag Recapture – Tuna Hunter Tagging at Worl

Tuna Hunter and angler Nick Dobrowolski just received word of a tuna tag recapture – something we always hope for but don’t often get to see.

A bluefin tuna we tagged in 2008, caught by angler Nick Dobrowolski, was recaptured on its way across the Atlantic (or on its way back?) over 2000 miles from the original capture location. The fish almost doubled in weight in 5 1/2 years.

The stats in this recapture notice tell the story:

This proves that western Atlantic fish indeed do migrate west-to-east, and not just north-south as older science believed. Such tagging information is essential for scientists to help ensure the future of our fishery, and has a huge impact on international and domestics quota determination.

This tag was one of the Tag-a-Tiny Program tags of by the Large Pelagic Research Center, now located in Gloucester, MA.  Tuna Hunter supports the Tag-A-Ting Program and assists with tagging for all species, not just tuna. We need to give back a bit to support sustainable fisheries.

Oddly enough, this lucky tag was inserted on a Tag-A-Tiny Tournament weekend, contributing to Captain Gary Cannell and Tuna Hunter winning the Grand Champion award for most fish tagged and caught that weekend.  Though I cannot read that tag number, this photo, from Sept 20, 2008, could be that fish!

Alas, Charlie’s luck ran out on that recapture – he/she was recaptured dead in a longline.

Tuna Hunter begins cod and haddock fishing this week, and is open for fishing every day now through November.  Striped Bass are blitzing in New Jersey, we have mackerel here in our waters – that means striped bass action any day now.  June 1 opens Bluefin Tuna season.

Give us a call at 978-407-1351 to reserve your charter, or for more information.  Good fishing to you –
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Spring Cod Haddock Fishing Charters – April is Here!

Happy Fishing Year to all fishermen out there! Tuna Hunter starts cod and haddock fishing on April 23. We’ll be fishing every day from then on, so give us a call, 978-407-1351. Single and shared charters welcome.

Gloucester cod and haddock fishing is a right of spring for the Aureimma family. We look forward to seeing Nick, Mike and family and the whole gang here in the spring. We of course return the favor in fall for deer hunting.

This wolffish photo is a blast from the past – a nice wolffish – now endangered and can no longer be retained – caught by Poogie several years ago.  Look at those teeth!

Tuna Hunter will be fishing as of April 23, unless you can coax us out sooner ~ Call 978-407-1351 or email to reserve your fishing charter.