APEX Under the CoversThis blog needs to server a dual purpose ~ allow for Oracle software posts and white papers, and carry fishing news, photos and highlights from Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters Trust me, the fishing job balances out the software job, and vice versa. Can’t have one without the other … which is the subject of a separate post on Balance: Mental vs Physical, Indoor vs Outdoor, Natural vs. Man-Made, Nature vs. Engineering … sometime soon. I am Karen Cannell, First Mate aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters and software engineer and Principal consultant with Integra Technology Consulting I am generally swimming around in the ocean somewhere, or immersed in work aboard Tuna Hunter or typing away at some Oracle database application of some sort. It’s all about Balance and sanity. While the colleciton of topics here may seem disjointed to some .. they are all related in my brain, and that’s what counts, it’s my blog! Enjoy …

Any day on the water ...

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