Tuna Hunter on Reel Road Trip, WFN TV

Tuna Hunter was recently featured on World Fishing Network’s Reel Road Trip with Mark Melnyk

Listen to the full video, courtesy of WFN TV,  at this link: Tuna Hunter on Tuna Fishing at Reel Road Trip

Tuna Hunter hosts Mark Melnyk, host of Reel Road Trip, for a day of hot bluefin tuna fishing and discussion of the status of bluefin tuna in New England and tagging efforts underway to preserve and protect the resource for current and future anglers.

Watch satellite TV , WFN, for the full program.

Bluefin Tuna Tag Placement - Tag a Tiny Tournament
Tag Placement in Bluefin Tuna, by Tuna Hunter Fishing, Tag-a-Tiny Tournament

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