Bluefin Tuna Tag Recapture – Tuna Hunter Tagging at Worl

Tuna Hunter and angler Nick Dobrowolski just received word of a tuna tag recapture – something we always hope for but don’t often get to see.

A bluefin tuna we tagged in 2008, caught by angler Nick Dobrowolski, was recaptured on its way across the Atlantic (or on its way back?) over 2000 miles from the original capture location. The fish almost doubled in weight in 5 1/2 years.

The stats in this recapture notice tell the story:

This proves that western Atlantic fish indeed do migrate west-to-east, and not just north-south as older science believed. Such tagging information is essential for scientists to help ensure the future of our fishery, and has a huge impact on international and domestics quota determination.

This tag was one of the Tag-a-Tiny Program tags of by the Large Pelagic Research Center, now located in Gloucester, MA.  Tuna Hunter supports the Tag-A-Ting Program and assists with tagging for all species, not just tuna. We need to give back a bit to support sustainable fisheries.

Oddly enough, this lucky tag was inserted on a Tag-A-Tiny Tournament weekend, contributing to Captain Gary Cannell and Tuna Hunter winning the Grand Champion award for most fish tagged and caught that weekend.  Though I cannot read that tag number, this photo, from Sept 20, 2008, could be that fish!

Alas, Charlie’s luck ran out on that recapture – he/she was recaptured dead in a longline.

Tuna Hunter begins cod and haddock fishing this week, and is open for fishing every day now through November.  Striped Bass are blitzing in New Jersey, we have mackerel here in our waters – that means striped bass action any day now.  June 1 opens Bluefin Tuna season.

Give us a call at 978-407-1351 to reserve your charter, or for more information.  Good fishing to you –
Captain Gary  978-407-1351

Gloucester Giant Blufin – 700lbs for Cajun Tide Beach

Tuna Hunter led the crew from Cajun Tide Beach Resort in Grand Ilse LA into 700lb giant bluefin tuna on a recent Gloucester fishing charter. 

It was a great fishing day, and a great fishing night.

The morning started out a typical tuna charter – catch some mackerel, sail out to Stellwagen, put up the kite for a day of tuna kite fishing.   Soon – hooked up!  Fred fought this bluefin tuna to the boat.  All agreed to tag and release this 61 inch in favor of a giant later in the day. Who knew!  2:45PM the rod went off, this time Mark took the reel … over 6 hours later, yup. after 9PM, the crew hauled this 700lb bluefin through the fish door.

Congratulations to angler Mark for a battle well fought. No doubt this fish was landed largely due to Mark’s skill and perseverance, and right moves by all aboard throughout the fight. We look forward to fishing with the Cajun Tide crew again!

Tuna Hunter is fishing every day through the first week in November.  Catch those October tuna days, or stock up on cod and haddock before the winter.  Call 978-407-1351 or email for your fishing charter. Single? Call for our latest shared dates, or see

Gloucester Tuna Fishing – Tag & Release for Research

Gloucester tuna fishing continues, with tuna begin taken every day in all size categories. 

Tim and Liz spent several days stranded in Gloucester, tuna fishing of course. They opted to tag and release all of their non-giant bluefin tuna.  Makes for some great angling – and these two know their stuff –  and gives back a bit to bluefin research.

Per 2011 NMFS regulations, tuna 59 to 73 inches must be released. Tuna Hunter tags these tuna, using Large Pelagic Research Center tags, to support bluefin tuna research.

Tuna tagging is not difficult, This photo shows proper tag placement, then the fish was quickly released, right back out through the fish door.

Tuna Hunter is fishing every day through the first week in November.  Catch those October tuna days, or stock up on cod and haddock before the winter.  Call 978-407-1351 or email for your fishing charter. Single? Call for our latest shared dates, or see

Evans Family Tuna Charter Success on Tuna Hunter

The Evans family’s recent bluefin tuna charter on Tuna Hunter yielded just the right size bluefin tuna for the grill, and some sushi along the way.

All family members took a turn on the reel, battling the bluefin to the boat where it was measured at 58 inches, just under the keeper limit.  Current (as of this trip)  bluefin tuna regulations allows for one fish 27-47, one 47-59, and tuna 59 to 73 must be released. Tuna Hunter practices tag and release, using tags from the Large Pelagic Research Center,  to support bluefin tuna research. We were ready to tag, but this tuna was a keeper.

Bluefin tuna of all sizes are in our waters off of Gloucester, MA, along Stellwagen Bank and northward into Ipswich Bay. Tuna Hunter fishes all over, according to the best reports and our recent experience. Tuna Hunter is fishing every day between now and November. We have some opening for your party, so give us a call 978-407-1351 or email  Good fishing to you! and congratulations to the Evans family

Gloucester Tuna – Luck of the Polish

Call it luck of the Polish – Chris and friends, all from Poland, were lucky again as they landed another giant bluefin on their Sunday bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.  Was it their their patince?  The great Polish snacks throughout the day? Polish chumming? Great teamwork?  All of the above combined ot land this 77 inch giant bluefin.

Sunday marked the end of the 2010 Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, to support Large Pelagic Tag-a-Tiny research program.  While we were battling in this giant, the Tag-a-Tiny wrap-up party was underway at Woodman’s in Essex, MA.  Tuna Hunter will continue tagging all non-retained bluefin to support he future of our fishery.

The bluefin bite is on, whtih larger giants being taken in greater numbers each day. This is the giant rush we have been waiting for – now is the time to be out there.  Call for our latest September and October openings, 978-407-1351.

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Large, Larger, Giant Tuna Fishing Charter – Michelsen Crew Scores

Seth Michelsen and friends have good luck with bluefin tuna, every time they go for them.  On a recent bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter, they succeeded in boating a giant bluefin, plus two smaller bluefin, tagged and released.  That makes for a great day of tuna fishing, plus some tuna steaks for the grill.

The giant was an awesome hit on the kite – what a way to start a good angling battle.  The next fish hit on dead bait, different depths seem to be working, making the hit hard to predict, but worth the captain’s extra efforts.  The final fish was again on the kite. Kite fishing is a standard these days. We have several kites and balloons on board to meet the wind and sea conditions of the day – we have to, to consistently produce fish.

Sore arms for all, but that’s a welcome part of good fishing!

Don’t miss the 2010 Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, running over a full week from August 18 through 29. Book Tuna Hunter for a tournamnet date – Call for your slot, 978-407-1351.

Bluefin Tuna Battles Continue – Norris Success

The Gloucester bluefin tuna action continues to be strong out on Stellwegen Bank, as the Norris family can attest.  Greg, Bill and Kyle battled two bluefin to the boat, both just shy of the regulation 73 inches, so they were tagged, revived and released by the Tuna Hunter crew.

Tag and release makes for much less glamorous bluefin tuna photos, but Greg’s skill with the camera gives us this series on tagging and reviving a bluefin tuna.  Let’s hope we see this fish again next year.

                                   Tagging a bluefin – Stick holds Tag to be Inserted

                                         Tag goes in at the base of the dorsal fin

Tag In at Base of Fin

                Once tagged, we “Swim” the fish alongside the boat to revive it  prior to safe release.

Not to be left out, son Alex managed the live bait situation, perhaps the most critical part of the operation.  We look forward to seeing Alex on the rod in a year or so!

Tuna Hunter employs a variety of bait, tackle and fishing techniques to match the conditions of the day, including live bait.  The bluefin fishing is challenging this year, demanding extra effort to get the fish to bite, so you get to fight them.  We always have the full arsenal on board, ready to go. Call us for the latest openings – Friday on the water, battling a bluefin.  Or why not Monday?  That next hook-up could be yours – call 978-407-1351 or email

Giant Bluefin Tuna in June!

 Some guys go fishing on their birthday … these guys go tuna fishing on their birthday. The birthday guy gets a can of tuna fish (Starkist?) for his present. That’s dinner, unless he lands a bluefin tuna that day.  So far, these guys are 100% successful, and were spared the canned tuna.

Gloucester Giant Tuna Charter on Tuna Hunter - Ted Cannon and Crew

Bluefin tuna arrived in Gloucester early this year – so bluefin tuna charters are in full swing now. There are tuna of all sizes out there, and even with the current slot regulations, Tuna Hunter will make sure you get the best battle and most bluefin tuna action possible.  Tuna are feeding on live prey, and matching that prey along with being the right locaiton at the right time with the right tackle and great crew makes the difference. This bluefin bypassed beautiful mackerel dangled from a kite, for a boring chunk of baint 30 ft down. Go figure.

Not into tuna? Striped bass are here as well, though perhaps getting overshadowed by tuna news. Striped bass around the rocky coast of Cape Ann is a great bet for a great day on the water, and a great piece of fish for the grill. 

Call us for the latest openings – that next hugie has your name on it

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Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for West Coast Team Salty

Team Salty had an awesome tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.  Justin and Stu, from the west coast in California, wanted to see some east coast bluefin tuna action.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter on Tuna Hunter - Team Salty

Tuna Hunter put Team Salty right on the meat, traveling to Stellwagon Bank to schools of jumping bluefin tuna.  A combination of bait, jigs and lures, and the kite, of course, the Tuna Hunter crew tempted this bluefin to the hook on a light rod (as opposed to the giant rods).  Justin and Stu battled the bluefin standup using our favorite OHO and Smitty fighting belts.  fine angling!  and some fine well-earned sushi.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing like this makes one want to fish the Atlantic over the Pacific!

The fishing grounds are healthy with bluefin tuna of all sizes, jumpers and big marks, plus plenty of cod & haddock for some bottom fishing action.

Call Captain Gary at 978-407-1351 or email for the latest opening for striped bass fishing, more cod fishing and line up that bluefin tuna kite fishing charter soon

Don’t forget the 2nd Annual Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, August 21-23, to support the Large Pelagic Research CenterCheck out the website and sing up today! and  Tuna Hunter hopes to defend the title of Grand Prize Winner, but more important hopes to tag penty of tuna to support bluefn tuna research.  Join in to help the North triumph over the south!

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Airasian Striped Bass Fishing Charter – 48 inch Striper!

The Airasian family annual fishing charter was a beauty this year.   Large stripers  prevailed, hitting chunks and live bait. These guys are seasoned anglers, which paid off angling fish up  48 inches to the boat on light tackle.  Fine catch!

Airasian Fine Stirped Bass Fishing Charter on Tuna Hunter
Airasian Family – 48 inch Striped Bass, Fishing Charter on Tuna Hunter

Did we mention this was a half-day charter?  Half-day fishing charters are definitely productive and are a perfect way to spend a summer evening.  Call us at 978-407-1351 for our latest half-day openings, or email 
We look forward to fishing with you!

As defending Grand Champion, Tuna Hunter encourages all anglers to sign up for the 2nd Annual Tag-a-Tiny Tuna Tournament, August 20-23, 2009, to  support the Large Pelagics Research Center’s Tag-a-Tiny bluefin tuna tagging program.

Support this great cause to further bluefn tuna research and ultimately protect this awesome resource.
Download the registration form
Tag a Tiny Registration Form

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