Last Minute Gifts for Your Fisherman ~ Tuna Hunter

A Tuna Hunter Gift Certificate in any amount is fast, can get there by Christmas, and keeps giving in the middle of fishing season when the striped bass, haddock, bluefin tuna and sharks are biting.

Call us at 978-546-7992 to fishing up your shopping for all your fishermen and women.

Good fishing and Happy Holidays to All,

 Gary and Karen

Bluefin Tuna Madness is On! Fat Boy by Jeff and Jack

If you have not heard, October Bluefin Madness has struck – bluefin tuna arrived off Gloucester in numbers not seen in years, following awesome schools of herring like we have not seen in years.

Of course Tuna Hunter was there, as Captain Gary is “tuna hunter” in every sense of the word.  Tuna Hunter will be Bluefin Tuna Fishing every day, weather permitting, through November.  

600lb Gloucester Bluefin Tuna on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

This 600lb fat boy was landed by the awesome crew of Jeff (“English”) and Jack (Special K) a crew we are honored to have aboard.

Call 978-407-1351 or email to join us for this late season bluefin tuna fishing madness.  Good fishing to all!


Hook, Line and Sinker Bachelor Party – Gloucester Tuna Fishing

The Hook, Line and Sinker bachelor party aboard Tuna Hunter yielded a great time for all, and a bluefin tuna in the boat.

Gloucester tuna fishing is in full swing now, with bluefin of all sizes Tuna Hunter uses a combination of kite fishing, speed jigs, balloons and sometimes trolling. In short, we have an arsenal of techniques and a ready to use whatever fish are responding to for the day’s conditions. This often means switching things up throughout the day, and using several techniques at once.

On the Hook, Line and Sinker success, the bluefin hit a balloon, passing up gorgeous kit bait – go figure. The fish hit on the Matsuura reel, making for a smooth angling experience. The Hook Line and Sinker team reeled the bluefin to the boat, where he measured just legal to take home. 

A good omen – land a bluefin and bring home sushi on your bachelor party!  Best wishes to Tim and his bride!

  1. Gloucester tuna fishing will only get better form now through October. Call 978-407-1351 or email for our latest openings. We look forward to hooking you into a nice Charlie.


Gloucester Bluefin Tuna – City Island Boys

The City Island Boys will tell you Gloucester Bluefin Tuna fishing on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters is going strong now and will be for the coming weeks.

These folks fought a two-hour battle on the Ken Matsuura titanium reel to boat a 513-lb giant bluefin tuna on a recent tuna charter. This fish pulled all the stops out, making the bow run, the dive, the pect fin caught in the line at one point. Captain and crew and luck prevailed as these guys landed this beauty late in the day.  By the time this fish hit, the guys were all in practice after fighting a smaller bluefin tuna on a standup reel to the boat for a release.  Certainly a full day of tuna fishing!

Tuna Hunter will be fishing into November, to catch these late season giants.  Give us a call at 978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings.  Next singles day, Sunday October 24.

Gloucester Tuna – Luck of the Polish

Call it luck of the Polish – Chris and friends, all from Poland, were lucky again as they landed another giant bluefin on their Sunday bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.  Was it their their patince?  The great Polish snacks throughout the day? Polish chumming? Great teamwork?  All of the above combined ot land this 77 inch giant bluefin.

Sunday marked the end of the 2010 Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, to support Large Pelagic Tag-a-Tiny research program.  While we were battling in this giant, the Tag-a-Tiny wrap-up party was underway at Woodman’s in Essex, MA.  Tuna Hunter will continue tagging all non-retained bluefin to support he future of our fishery.

The bluefin bite is on, whtih larger giants being taken in greater numbers each day. This is the giant rush we have been waiting for – now is the time to be out there.  Call for our latest September and October openings, 978-407-1351.

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