Wicked Tuna Boys Land Giant Bluefin Tuna aboard Tuna Hunter

The Wicked Tuna Boys had an awesome bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.

While they are all avid Wicked Tuna fans, they will agree that nothing compares to being there in person to hear the reel scream, feel the power of the fish through the rod, battle fist to reel to angle the fish in crank by crank, see the harpoon shot, and finally pull your bluefin through the fish door.

It doesn’t get any better than this – memories of a lifetime for young crew, the fathers and for Tuna Hunter.

Tuna Hunter is already booking for next year. Consider a Gift Certificate in any denomination for the Wicked Tuna fan on your list. Call us at 978-407-1351 or 978-546-7992, or email captain@tunahunter.com for more details.

Good fishing to all, and to all a good bite!

Gloucester Giant Blufin – 700lbs for Cajun Tide Beach

Tuna Hunter led the crew from Cajun Tide Beach Resort in Grand Ilse LA into 700lb giant bluefin tuna on a recent Gloucester fishing charter. 

It was a great fishing day, and a great fishing night.

The morning started out a typical tuna charter – catch some mackerel, sail out to Stellwagen, put up the kite for a day of tuna kite fishing.   Soon – hooked up!  Fred fought this bluefin tuna to the boat.  All agreed to tag and release this 61 inch in favor of a giant later in the day. Who knew!  2:45PM the rod went off, this time Mark took the reel … over 6 hours later, yup. after 9PM, the crew hauled this 700lb bluefin through the fish door.

Congratulations to angler Mark for a battle well fought. No doubt this fish was landed largely due to Mark’s skill and perseverance, and right moves by all aboard throughout the fight. We look forward to fishing with the Cajun Tide crew again!

Tuna Hunter is fishing every day through the first week in November.  Catch those October tuna days, or stock up on cod and haddock before the winter.  Call 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com for your fishing charter. Single? Call for our latest shared dates, or see http://www.tunahunter.com/split-charters.htm

Gloucester Tuna Fishing – Tag & Release for Research

Gloucester tuna fishing continues, with tuna begin taken every day in all size categories. 

Tim and Liz spent several days stranded in Gloucester, tuna fishing of course. They opted to tag and release all of their non-giant bluefin tuna.  Makes for some great angling – and these two know their stuff –  and gives back a bit to bluefin research.

Per 2011 NMFS regulations, tuna 59 to 73 inches must be released. Tuna Hunter tags these tuna, using Large Pelagic Research Center tags, to support bluefin tuna research.

Tuna tagging is not difficult, This photo shows proper tag placement, then the fish was quickly released, right back out through the fish door.

Tuna Hunter is fishing every day through the first week in November.  Catch those October tuna days, or stock up on cod and haddock before the winter.  Call 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com for your fishing charter. Single? Call for our latest shared dates, or see http://www.tunahunter.com/split-charters.htm

Annual Nivens Family Gloucester Fishing Bonanza

The annual Nivens family reunion typically includes a Gloucester fishing charter aboard Tuna Hunter, and typical both sessions produce loads of fish, plenty to feed the extended family back home.  The 2011 bash was no exception. 

This year the morning team outshone with striped bass – over ten keepers to 40 inches. Hard to beat! The action was busy all morning, making it hard to leave to swap out for the afternoon crew.

In the afternoon, the striper action slowed, but the cod action picked up. Drift rigs for striped bass fishing where exchanged for bottom rigs for cod fishing, and soon everyone was contributed large codfish to the fish box.  Gloucester fishing at its finest! 

Join Tuna Hunter with your family for great fishing, and great fun. We look forward to fishing with you!

New York Hillbillies Cod Fishing on Tuna Hunter

Gloucester cod & haddock fishing is underway big time – as these anglers  from Lake Erie, New York will attest.  The  hearty group fished both Saturday and Sunday, reeling in a boatload of cod and haddock each day.

New York Hillbillies from Lake Erie Gloucester Cod Fishing on Tuna Hunter
From Erie, New York – Happy Cod Fishermen

Sunday’s catch of cod and haddock aboard Tuna Hunter.

The catch was was offshore, but the long trip was worthwhile on both days. Cod were hitting mainly jigs, with the usual fluctuations throughout the day and a great late-day bite to top off the fishbox.

Call Tuna Hunter at 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com to reserve your charter.
Striped Bass have move in to Gloucester Harbor – Gloucester striper fishing charters any time now!

“Skorp” Gloucester Cod Fishing

Skorp and crew are back aboard Tuna Hunter for some early summer Gloucester cod fishing.  Good people, great time, great catch.

Cod Fishing Gloucester aboard Tuna Hunter - Skorp!

The whole gang …
Cod Fishing Gloucester aboard Tuna Hunter - Skorp!

And one hefty cod …
Cod Fishing Gloucester aboard Tuna Hunter - Skorp!

Gloucester Cod Fishing – Neversink Gun Club aboard Tuna Hunter

The Neversink Gun Club guys had a great outing aboard Tuna Hunter Gloucester cod fishing at tis finest.

Tuna Hunter ventured to the Mussels for the early monring bite, then switched to various other cod hot spots to  round out the day. Fish responed mostly to jigs this fay, but we all know that changes day to day – Tuna Hunter adapts to keep you catching all day long.

Cod Fishign Gloucester on Tuna Hunter, Neverskink Gun Club

Next gorgeous spring day is yours – call us at 978-407-1351 for the latest openings. Single? We have a few open slots to fill a charter – just call for dates and details. We look forward to fishing with you – Gloucester cod and haddock – nothing beats that spring fever!

Giant Bluefin Tuna by the Germans (and Polish)

There are plenty of giant bluefin tuna out there on the banks, and this Tuna Hunter Fishing charter was lucky enough to hook into this 400 lb giant on a ’50 – so these got to fight this bluefin standup, using our Smitty and OHO fighting belts.
An awesome fight!

On Tuna Hunter  we are applying many techniques, adapting to the conditions of the day, to ensure we hook into bluefin one way or another.  We use a mix of rod and tackle sizes, we use a mix of techniques and locations throughout the day.  Trolling, jigs. live bait, kite, balloons, whatever it takes to get the bluefin to take the hook, and then get him to the boat.

Tuna Hunter will be running fishing charters out of Gloucester, MA  through October. Give us a call at 978-407-1351 for our latest openings!

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for West Coast Team Salty

Team Salty had an awesome tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.  Justin and Stu, from the west coast in California, wanted to see some east coast bluefin tuna action.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter on Tuna Hunter - Team Salty

Tuna Hunter put Team Salty right on the meat, traveling to Stellwagon Bank to schools of jumping bluefin tuna.  A combination of bait, jigs and lures, and the kite, of course, the Tuna Hunter crew tempted this bluefin to the hook on a light rod (as opposed to the giant rods).  Justin and Stu battled the bluefin standup using our favorite OHO and Smitty fighting belts.  fine angling!  and some fine well-earned sushi.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing like this makes one want to fish the Atlantic over the Pacific!

The fishing grounds are healthy with bluefin tuna of all sizes, jumpers and big marks, plus plenty of cod & haddock for some bottom fishing action.

Call Captain Gary at 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com for the latest opening for striped bass fishing, more cod fishing and line up that bluefin tuna kite fishing charter soon

Don’t forget the 2nd Annual Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, August 21-23, to support the Large Pelagic Research CenterCheck out the website and sing up today! tagatiny@gmail.com and http://rockonproducts.com/.  Tuna Hunter hopes to defend the title of Grand Prize Winner, but more important hopes to tag penty of tuna to support bluefn tuna research.  Join in to help the North triumph over the south!

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Nivens Bass Slammers Annual Fishing Charter

Scott Nivens and family enjoyed their annual striped bass fishing charters on Tuna Hunter over the past weekend.

Nine years! What a great family tradition, and a pleasure see a family have fun together through the years.
All aboard had a great time.  Striped Bass certainly cooperated, making for great fishing for all.  The smiles and the fish tell the story here.  Stripers were hitting on livies and chunks.  These anglers are skilled at this .. so the bass had little chance once they hooked up.

Nivens Bass Slammers Striped Bass Fishing Charter on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

Striped Bass fishing is the best it has been all year. Don’t let a bit of drizzle deter you – fishing action is strong for striped bass, cod & haddock, and there are lots of bluefin tuna in our area feeding on the wealth of bait on the banks.  Check out our bluefin tuna fishing highlights for a peek at what this fishery entails.   Call 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com for the latest openings.

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