Tuna Hunter Spring Haddock Fishing

Haddock Fishing aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

Tuna Hunter Fishing Haddock Charters

Spring haddock fishing is underway – anglers are pulling in plenty of haddock and even a halibut here and there. Tuna Hunter is now fishing every day, heading to favorite bottom fishing spots on Stellwagen Bank and Jeffreys Ledge.

Striped Bass are migrating into Cape Ann waters now – there are schoolies in the rivers, and sizeable stripers follow them up the coast. Striped bass fishing charters will be in full swing by Memorial Day.

And don’t forget that bluefin tuna season opens June 1st. Tuna Hunter is ready to go. There are plenty of sand eels and other bait on the fishing grounds ~ lief abounds, which bodes well for great early season giant bluefin tuna fishing.

Call us at 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com to join us for spring or summer fishing charters. You just cannot beat a fine day on the water ~ Good fishing to you!


Pennsylvania Leek Diggers Cod and Haddock Fishing on Tuna Hunter

The Pennsylvania Leek Diggers had a great off shore Cod and haddock trip on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.

The men all had sore arms and full coolers of tasty fresh fish.

Cod and Haddock Charter – Pennsylvania Leek Diggers on Tuna Hunter fromTuna Hunter Fishing on Vimeo.


There are lots of herring and mackerel around so with lots of food whales,  tuna and striped bass are showing up – looks like a great fishing season underway.

Call 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com to join us.

Good fishing to all!

Mermaid Tuna Fishing

With all the hookups this season, we got or mermaid practicing on retrieving those bluefin that just might otherwise have got away.  She’s working her way up to the giants – perhaps by next year.

Delivery with a smile – Good fishing to you!
While we cannot deliver every bluefin tuna this way, we’ll certain try to deliver  the best bluefin tuna experience possible.   Call Tuna Hunter at 978-407-1351 or captain@tunahunter.com to join us!

Fall Tuna Fishing in Full Swing on Tuna Hunter

Giant bluefin tuna fishing is in full swing out of Gloucester aboard Tuna Hunter as we continue fishing every day weather allows and anglers are willing.

Last week we had a string of small-medium bluefin, just the right size for tag and release, or, to take home for some (lots) of sushi as the Thomas Chase party can attest. They caught this beauty on the morning tide on live bait. A great way to start off a fishing charter ~ get a big one in the boat early.

 Tuna Hunter will continue bluefin tuna charters as long as the tuna are here, through October and into November at least.  We have a few openings left, plus some shared charters OCt 23, 24, 25.  Call 978-407-1351 or captain@tunahunter.com to join us for your fattie.

Tuna Hunter Tuna Charters – Success!

While the blogger has been busy, bluefin tuna fishing action is in full swing, as evidenced by this successful Tuna Hunter tuna charter.

Tuna Hunter Giant Bluefin Tuna 500lb
Tuna Hunter 500lb Bluefin Tuna – Nice Roly Poly One!

This tuna was a beautiful angling battle and a a beautiful, fat fish. A fine tuna charter!

Join Tuna Hunter – gives us a call at 978-407-1351 or captain@tunahunter.com.
Good fishing to all

Gloucester Giant Blufin – 700lbs for Cajun Tide Beach

Tuna Hunter led the crew from Cajun Tide Beach Resort in Grand Ilse LA into 700lb giant bluefin tuna on a recent Gloucester fishing charter. 

It was a great fishing day, and a great fishing night.

The morning started out a typical tuna charter – catch some mackerel, sail out to Stellwagen, put up the kite for a day of tuna kite fishing.   Soon – hooked up!  Fred fought this bluefin tuna to the boat.  All agreed to tag and release this 61 inch in favor of a giant later in the day. Who knew!  2:45PM the rod went off, this time Mark took the reel … over 6 hours later, yup. after 9PM, the crew hauled this 700lb bluefin through the fish door.

Congratulations to angler Mark for a battle well fought. No doubt this fish was landed largely due to Mark’s skill and perseverance, and right moves by all aboard throughout the fight. We look forward to fishing with the Cajun Tide crew again!

Tuna Hunter is fishing every day through the first week in November.  Catch those October tuna days, or stock up on cod and haddock before the winter.  Call 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com for your fishing charter. Single? Call for our latest shared dates, or see http://www.tunahunter.com/split-charters.htm

Airasian Striped Bass Fishing Charter – 48 inch Striper!

The Airasian family annual fishing charter was a beauty this year.   Large stripers  prevailed, hitting chunks and live bait. These guys are seasoned anglers, which paid off angling fish up  48 inches to the boat on light tackle.  Fine catch!

Airasian Fine Stirped Bass Fishing Charter on Tuna Hunter
Airasian Family – 48 inch Striped Bass, Fishing Charter on Tuna Hunter

Did we mention this was a half-day charter?  Half-day fishing charters are definitely productive and are a perfect way to spend a summer evening.  Call us at 978-407-1351 for our latest half-day openings, or email captain@tunahunter.com 
We look forward to fishing with you!

As defending Grand Champion, Tuna Hunter encourages all anglers to sign up for the 2nd Annual Tag-a-Tiny Tuna Tournament, August 20-23, 2009, to  support the Large Pelagics Research Center’s Tag-a-Tiny bluefin tuna tagging program.

Support this great cause to further bluefn tuna research and ultimately protect this awesome resource.
Download the registration form
Tag a Tiny Registration Form

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Kelly W & Friends Fishing Charter

Kelly W and friends maximized their combination striped bass and cod fishing charter on  Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

The group took advantage of some offshore cod – great cod!  taken on a combination of jigs and bait.

and then moved inshore for super striper angling.  The fishing action was awesome,  topped only by the fine fish feat put on by the same crew.  

Striped Bass fishing is strong now and will continue so through September. Cod and haddock fishing just keeps improving in a variety of areas, and Bluefin tuna from 100 pounds through giant size are on the banks in abundance.    Check out our bluefin tuna fishing highlights for a peek at bluefin tuna options.   Call Captain Gary at  978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com for the latest openings.

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Spring Cod Fishing Gloucester

It’s that time again …  for cod fishing in Gloucester.
A few good spring days – teasers, into the 50’s , and we know it’s Spring, time for Gloucester cod and haddock fishing charters aboard Tuna Hunter.

Large cod, like these bruisers, are calling you …

Kevin's 35lb Cod caught on Tuna Hunter cod fishing out of Gloucester, MA

Spring Gloucester cod fishing is just that much sweeter … larger fish? more ocean?  less commercial pressure ? or do you just need to get out there to bend a rod again?  All of the above?   Call us! 978-407-1351.

Call to reserve your Gloucester cod fishing charters at 978-407-1351, or
email captain@tunahunter.com.
See our website, http://www.tunahunter.com for more details.

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Rosenberg Charter – Always a Great Day

Dave Rosenberg has a way of picking a good day for fishing – whether it is for Striped Bass
or an offshore day of Cod Fishing , with family or with friends, Dave always picks a great day for fishing on Tuna Hunter

Dave Rosenberg and Friends on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charter

Fishing with clients like Dave make our job a pleasure. Working hard to make sure you catch fish is our job – sending you home with plenty of fish and sore arms is our goal. Inshore, offshore or a combination, full or half day, we can put together a charter to sit your need, and produce fish.

Dave Rosenberg and son Striper taken aboard Tuna Hunter

Call Captain Gary Cannell at 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com for our latest openings. Corporate charters are a natural aboard Tuna Hunter: A clean classic Sport Fisherman with professional captain, crew and service.

That next big striper .. or tuna .. could be yours!