Bluefin Tuna Charter – Litto’s Sushi Bluefin

As most anglers know by now, this year’s bluefin tuna fishing regulations call of retaining one each of the smaller tuna slots, tag-and-release only of tuna 59″ to 73″, and saleable giant bluefin are 73″ and over.

So for anglers looking for bluefin tuna to take home, for the grill or for sushi, think big, or think 59 inches.

Jess and Litto did just that, and lucked out in the right size slot with this take-home-size bluefin tuna on a recent Tuna Hunter Bluefin tuna charter.

Bluefin tuna fishing continues into October and November.
Call Tuna Hunter, 978-407-1351 for latest openings, including single slots on shared charters.
We look forward to hooking you into a bluefin!