Large, Larger, Giant Tuna Fishing Charter – Michelsen Crew Scores

Seth Michelsen and friends have good luck with bluefin tuna, every time they go for them.  On a recent bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter, they succeeded in boating a giant bluefin, plus two smaller bluefin, tagged and released.  That makes for a great day of tuna fishing, plus some tuna steaks for the grill.

The giant was an awesome hit on the kite – what a way to start a good angling battle.  The next fish hit on dead bait, different depths seem to be working, making the hit hard to predict, but worth the captain’s extra efforts.  The final fish was again on the kite. Kite fishing is a standard these days. We have several kites and balloons on board to meet the wind and sea conditions of the day – we have to, to consistently produce fish.

Sore arms for all, but that’s a welcome part of good fishing!

Don’t miss the 2010 Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, running over a full week from August 18 through 29. Book Tuna Hunter for a tournamnet date – Call for your slot, 978-407-1351.

Gloucester Cod Fishing Charters Limits Early ~ VanDeusen Party

The VanDeusen party was treated to another fabulous cod & haddock fishing charter aboard Tuna Hunter.  The usual jigs with teasers worked magic as these guys fished hard all day through.

Haddock cooperated too – clams, slightly different area, continued fishing.
Sound like too much work? Not at all, as this smile can attest.  Is that Joy of Fishing, or what?

Stellwagen Bank abounds with life – cod & haddock, bait, whales, and bluefin tuna of all sizes. Yes, giants are being taken, as well as 50 – 65 inch bluefin on lighter tackle.  Come try to angling skills at battling these beauties, or opt for a combination fishing charter to take in both cod & haddock and bluefin tuna action.

Givve us a call at 978-407-1351 – we look forward to fishing with you,

 Captain Gary

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Rubin-Pascal Annual Gloucester Fishing Charter

The annual Rubin-Pascal father-son fishing charter was another highlight for Tuna Hunter captain and crew. This blend of cod & haddock fishing, striped bass fishing charter and bluefin tuna fishing makes for a great long weekend of hard fishing, great food and good friends.

Rubin-Pascal Cod & Striper Fishing Charter Gloucester, MA on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

Always a good time, always good fishing and always always we eat and play well when these guys are in town.  As for this year’s fishing, cod was strong, but the bluefin eluded us.  Inshore stripers more tha namde up for it, hitting on livies.  Good action for the entire weekend.

No fear on the tuna, they are here in force, in all sizes.  Tuna Hunter will be fishing this weekend for bluefin, stripers and cod & haddock.  As the tuna action heats up, dates are filling in.  You should be then next one hooked up! 

Call Captain Gary at 978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings.  We look forward to fishing with you!

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Cod Fishing ~ The Big Dogs from Moriah

The Big Dogs from Moriah – Cod Fishing
on Tuna Hunter!

The Big Dogs from Moriah took in some Gloucester Cod & Haddock Fishing on Saturday aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.

Though a bit foggy above the surface underneath the fish paid no mind. Cod fishing was prime all morning, with cod to 15 and 20 pounds. The cod were hitting on jigs and teasers for the most part. Clams produced some fish in the AM, but jigs ruled.

n the afternoon, as a low pressure moved in, fishing slacked off a bit, but a switch of spots and techniques produced results, this time more haddock than cod, with bait being the favorite over jigs.

Big Dogs of Moriah Gloucester Cod Fishing on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters
Big Dogs of Moriah – Gloucester Cod Fishing on Tuna Hunter

Stellwagen Bank abounds with sand eels, and the cod are filling up on them as they please. Cod and haddock fishing will remain strong into the summer months. Migrating striped bass will be arriving in Gloucester soon – May marks the usual arrival for the Geiger Birthday Bash – there are always stripers for this important outing. Bluefin tuna fishing will commence as soon as these beauties move up the coast. Can’t wait!

For our latest openings, please call Captain Gary at 978-407-1351, or email
Single? Contact us – we’ll hook you up with others to make a full charter, and get you bending a rod sooner.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER Tag-a-Tiny Tournament

Captain Gary Cannell was the GRAND PRIZE winner of the North Shore Community Tuna Association’s Tag-A-Tiny Tuna Tournament, to benefit the Large Pelagic Research Center’s Tag-A-Tiny program.

Gary has always practiced and encouraged tag and release of all fish that cannot be legally retained, and of all fish that will not be consumed.   The Tag-aTiny weekend was no exception.  Charters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were treated to fine bluefin action.  Each day Tuna Hunter put here charters onto several bluefin, retaining one fish each day (all between 50 and 58 inches) and tagging all remaining fish.  While tied with First Light Anglers on the number of  tuna tagged, Tuna Hunter brought home the Grand Prize for most fish caught over the weekend.

Tagging efforts did not stop there – Tuna Hunter has been tagging bluefin tuna through September, and will continue fishing and tagging into November.

The focus of the Tag-a_Tiny Tournament, was promote tag-and-release of juvenile bluefin tuna and to raise funds for Dr. Molly Lutcavage and the UNH Large Pelagics Research Center. The Tag-A-Tiny program studies the migration paths of juvenlile bluefin tuna through internal and external archival tags.  The Tag-A-Tiny program has made great progress since its inception in 2005. ( Read more about the Tag A Tiny program here) but funding is needed to continue this important program.

Thank you to the tournament sponsors: Ouellette and Smith (Fishlaw);Grady-White Boats ;

Gloucester Seafood Display Auction; Gloucester House Restaurant; Captain Carlo’s Restaurant;

Commercial Fisheries News; On the Water Media; Madfish Grill; Intershell;

The BillfishFoundation; and Seaboard Products Company, proud distributors of
Anheuser Busch Products.

Please support these sponsors as they help support our fishery!

Tuna Hunter strongly supports tag and release of bluefin tuna and other species, and Molly Lutcavage’s efforts with bluefin tagging in particular. See our AFTCO Tag Flag tagging story here.

40th Birthday Bash - Rob and friends on a birthday charter tackled this bluefin, their first, and retained it for the birhtday party..  They tagged the next 3 fish!
Rob and Friends retained this bluefin, then tagged 3 more!

Tagged Bluefin, showng tag location just behnd the dorsal fn

Call Tuna Hunter at 978-407-1351 or email for our latest openings.
Bluefin Tuna are running strong and we expect this to hold through November.
Good fishing to you!